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Sales, sales and more sales

Well we have decided here that why not show off the cool threads you are going to wear by having a sale?
While speaking with many of our featured artists were going to have a sale on patches! Save 30% when you sign up and purchase these amazing pieces of clothing art.

Lolita Punk Patch

There are a ton of different styles to choose from  such as anything Goth in the night or show off an elegant side. Why not do both when you save this much ? Sale on for a limited time only.

Carpe Diem


They are Strange Things Emporium custom created from the artist
Sparkles and Threads. Custom ideas and pieces!

This talented artist has been creating patches locally for over 20 years now and does amazing work. the threads are stitched in perfectly and will not unravel or fall apart. They are on a thick backing so they stay stiff and nice looking when places on articles of clothing.