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STE Videos

We have a wide range of videos from your YouTube page which includes a ton of products and how to care for some of the items.

Welcome to Strange Things mini preview 

Welcome to my Shop!!!

Jewellery showcase (made from local artists)

On the spot with 3:15am Artists, Goths and Freaks event

Gothic Style make up for Goths and Freaks event

Small mini Clip about natural organic body products

Happy Canada DAY 2016

Showcase artwork in the store (made from various artists)

How to program an atomic Hoop from Astral Hoops

Strange Things Emporium official commercial

Holiday Stuff 2016

Customer Appreciation day (small hoop preview with Karrie from Kurrent Motion)

Hula Hooping in the dark!!

Review on flowtoys items podpoi

Comic Convention day 1 in Winnipeg

Comic Convention day 3 in Winnipeg 

Darkness reigns Dec 2016: Santacon Invasion

Holiday Gift Basket 2016 Xmas

Hoop Session & care Tips and tricks

Hula hooping and poi video

Strange Things mini Store clip

Toroflux review from flowtoys

Hoops Jam Session (I was supposed to be working)

How to tie a Disco Savage Wrap top form the iheartraves series


More videos still to come so stay tuned!