Astral Hoop 25 Inch Purple


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5/8″ poly pro

The Designer Features:

  • Draw modes using our web designer
  • No software to install
  • Works on Windows and Mac computers
  • Share modes in the Community Gallery
  • Load modes from the gallery to your Atomic
  • Modify and build off of modes shared in the gallery
  • Store up to 15 custom modes at a time
  • Run individually or continuously loop though saved custom modes
  • Will work with any 4th Generation Atomic (software update required)
  • Java enabled web browser and Internet connection required

The Designer comes standard with all new Atomics and can be ordered for existing 4th Generation Atomics.

Other Atomic Evoke Features

  • Advanced LED circuit, which is super bright and incredibly durable
  • Easy to use menu system
  • The internal components of the hoop (LEDs, microprocessor, batteries, etc..) weigh as little as 3 ounces! Combine this with lightweight Polypropylene tubing, and it just doesn’t get any lighter
  • One full-color LED capable of displaying over 16 million colors spaced every 1.35 or 0.66 inches around the hoop
  • Includes the Evoke’s 150 different modes + 15 POV modes! See the Atomic Mode Selection Guide
  • Flush-mounted switches
  • Brightness control to manage intensity and battery life
  • Preset menu to store up to 15 of your favorite modes. Create an easy to access set list for a performance!
  • Scan feature loops though modes in the selected menu or your presets at either a 10 or 30 second interval
  • Balanced weight for consistent performance
  • Collapsible for easy travel
  • Upgradeable for future software updates and advancements
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion and NiMH Batteries that deliver the most power with the least amount of weight
  • Circuit protection built into Li-Ion hoops to protect against overcharging, over-discharging, excess current and voltage, and short circuits, which extends the life of the battery and components
  • 1 Hour smart charger, which plugs directly into the hoop
  • “No rattle” construction using our unique shock-dampening foam.

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