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Shorts, Dresses and Skirts

Summer is around the corner and you wanna show off the legs and look fabulous!!
Well we have a new collection happening for all the different types of styles.
So why not celebrate a new season with a look?
With so many different styles to choose from isn’t it hard to just pick one.

Hammer style shorts that includes pockets

Skull Skirt with Stars to spice up those hips

 Maybe you want to just stay cool with these carpi tights?


What ever fashion you choose make sure to do it in style and comfort!!!
Go ahead and enjoy summer while looking amazing.

Strange Things Emporium

Sales, sales and more sales

Well we have decided here that why not show off the cool threads you are going to wear by having a sale?
While speaking with many of our featured artists were going to have a sale on patches! Save 30% when you sign up and purchase these amazing pieces of clothing art.

Lolita Punk Patch

There are a ton of different styles to choose from  such as anything Goth in the night or show off an elegant side. Why not do both when you save this much ? Sale on for a limited time only.

Carpe Diem


They are Strange Things Emporium custom created from the artist
Sparkles and Threads. Custom ideas and pieces!

This talented artist has been creating patches locally for over 20 years now and does amazing work. the threads are stitched in perfectly and will not unravel or fall apart. They are on a thick backing so they stay stiff and nice looking when places on articles of clothing.


Switching to organic yay or na?

Well this is an age old question that so many people have been asking over recent years and with so many products available now how to choose or what should I be looking for?

Well with the market becoming huge out there things you should look for is essential oils in the products. They may not hold up the best in hot conditions but they are chemical free and depending on the items have amazing smells.

Our products have everything including different soaps to lip chaps to help with any type of skin you may have. All the ingredients are listed and easy to read so why try to pronounce it when you have a different option. All the items are made locally here in Canada and it will help from clearing up skin to body scrubs that make you smell amazing and no harmful ingredients.

Mrs Blues Sugar Scrub <— Click to check out the link

Treat your body like the temple it is and worship yourself by switching to organic.

Strange Things Emporium where strange is normal

New articles Coming for you!

Hello and welcome to our very first article for the Strange Things Emporium website. We have been working on a ton of new items and always updating the store inside and online for you the customers. So now I would like you to know a bit about what we do here.

Strange Things Emporium is more than just an average shop, we are also an art gallery, filming studio, photography studio, while hosting events and even a ticket merchant. We are stationed here in Winnipeg Manitoba or snow land as some like to call it and we are working around the clock to make a ton of new items to share with the world.

Most of the items we have in store are made from different people throughout the city or even some through Canada. The store also carries some clothing labels and brands such as Tripp NYC, Sourpuss, iheartraves, Astral Hoops, and other companies for a variety of the alternative clothing but the accessories, hair bows and other products


So come check out some of the artists we have and let us know what you think you want to see in store.